WSICAO places at the disposal of its member organizations servers for non critical services in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA as well as servers for critical specific services in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa. This follows WSICAO Protocol 20111203-18 regarding the sharing of basic electronic media resources among member organizations.




All basic electronic media resources are available at WSICAO servers for all member organizations desiring to make use of such resources . This includes but is not limited to www presence, email resources, intranet resources, depository, ftp, database, etc. with the latest server software available. Technical support and advisory services are also available.




It is available and recommended to engage WSICAO coordination for the member organization resources hosted at these servers, this will lead to a more efficient use of those resources. Security and monitoring will be also enhanced when WSICAO coordination is engaged. Traffic coordination and centralization with relay through intranet services is available.